Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Got an orphaned OST file? Try OST to PST Converter Tool

I have been a regular Outlook user and my company deploys MS Exchange Server for managing our business communication via emails. Over the period of a few initial months I never really understood the technology behind MS Outlook and Exchange Server, as it was not part of my job. I am just a regular guy with a regular, non-technical business profile.

However, that all changed one day when my Outlook OST file became orphaned. Just a day before there had been a lightning strike close at hand which caused a serious hardware failure with our Exchange Server. In order to restore everything, a new server was built. This is where the problem creeped up.

Our administrator created similar usernames as per the previous profiles. Though the sole intention was to keep it as simple as possible so that users don't actually face a problem when they work with the new server, it actually created a serious problem for me.

When I tried to logon to the new server with my old username, my OST file became orphaned as for the Exchange I was a totally different user having a different SID. This threw me in complete panic. I had tons of critical emails, important contacts and all my appointments that I had lost access of.

This brought upon a new revelation about the concept of Outlook OST Recovery and the need of OST to PST Converter tools. An OST file can become orphaned if any of these 3 factors get modified or deleted- MAPI profile on client computer, OST file and user mailbox. In other words, when the user mailbox becomes unavailable on the server permanently, the OST file becomes orphaned.

An orphaned OST file signifies loss of valuable data as it becomes unusable. An OST file can only be accessed with the profile that it was created with. To work around this situation, the OST file needs to be converted into an importable PST file.

An OST to PST Converter tool extracts all the user mailbox items such as emails, contacts, notes, tasks, appointments, journals, To-do lists and calendar entries into a new or existing PST file. More so, the data formatting for emails and messages remains intact after the conversion process.

To carry out OST to PST Conversion, third party tools come handy. There is a huge list of reliable OST to PST Converter tools that can recover data from the orphaned OST file into a usable form for almost all major versions of MS Outlook. After a fair research, I went with “Stellar Phoenix OST to PST Converter”. The software worked wonders for me and I got all my data back within a few simple steps. The demo version of the software showed me all the mailbox items that it could actually recover and once I was satisfied, I went ahead and purchased it. Glad to say, it was worth the money.